Dressed for the catwalk, prepared for life.

SANDRAVIEIRA is an International prêt-à-porter fashion brand with a strong presence in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Australia. Our mission is to dress the contemporary woman for every occasion, in a sensual and cosmopolitan way. Be it for the board-room, a cocktail bar or even just for off-duty leisure time, we offer exquisite collections that encapsulate femininity and style.

Our muse is womanhood, and the true potential that every female has inside her – to be strong, sensual, independent and confident. Expect tailoring, hand-made consistent lines, and asymmetrical cuts. We use only the highest quality fabrics, that work to emphasise and sculpture the silhouette. Our collection consists of evening dresses, day dresses, tailored trousers, coats, jumpsuits, tops, shorts, and skirts.

SANDRAVIEIRA uses neutral colour palettes and adds pops of bright colours that are perfectly on-trend yet sophisticated and timeless. Think of cool slate greys, shimmering silvers and pops of lime for a stand-out collection that encompasses every woman’s lifestyle. We use only the highest class of fabrics sourced from Italy and Portugal, that our artisans craft by hand in the Island of Madeira.

Established in 2014 in Portugal, SANDRAVIEIRA was received by the international fashion world in 2015 when the Spring Summer ‘15 collection was presented. The collection was well-received and propelled us to international acclaim, as a premium brand with accessible price points. Elevating SANDRAVIEIRA to an international platform was a pinnacle point for our founder, Sandra Santo Vieira, who has long since been envisioning classy, cutting-edge and glamorous clothes that encapsulate a sense of self.

An international soul, having lived in Venezuela, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia, Sandra identified that all woman around the world face the same universal problem – sourcing clothes that foster confidence in both style and fit but that are accessible in price. After studying Applied Fashion Design and Technology, Sandra gathered a select team of experienced seamstresses, with over 40 years of experience in haute couture, and recruited a Communication Director to form SANDRAVIEIRA brand.

2016 has brought with it catwalk appearances in United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, and Portugal, taking our message vision of hand-made luxurious clothes right to the women who crave it most. Remember every day is a fashion show, and the world is the catwalk – there are no excuses to not embrace it with confidence and style.